Some men inadvertently fail to leave their mark in front of any woman or woman. Actually most women want a decent, decent and balanced behavior in terms of friendship with men. If you feel that you fail to impress women, then you need to adopt some such things.

Does it happen that whenever you extend a hand of friendship towards a young woman, she retreats? You are very good at face and pieces. Engaged to a great job. They are also sweet in dealing with everyone. Yet why do girls always turn away from you?

Not only today, but it has been happening since college days. No, this is not a game of luck. This is as much your own game as possible, which you have spoiled yourself!

Is it so …

* Your breath has a smell. You do not know this yourself. Can not happen. See your doctor immediately. Only he can tell the reality. He will also suggest remedies for redemption. Do not ignore any solution. Be sure to brush before sleeping at night.

* The smell can also come from your clothes. Change every garment worn inside daily. It also includes your socks. Do not wait for the next morning to change your inner garment if you have come or perspired excessively. Protect yourself by changing them twice daily. You should also change the outerwear every day. There should not be any stains or holes in outerwear. Ironing is done properly. Polishing shoes is equally important.

* Smell can also come from your body. Bathe from head to toe with some good soap every day. In the name of bathing, do not get wet and get out. Do not leave hair on any joint of the body. The smell remains in the hair. Apply extra soap on each joint.

* Never let nails grow not only in the hands, but also do not allow dirt to accumulate in them.

Now practical precautions OE

* anywhere to keep a hand on the mouth of the peak hit, spit betel, yawning, to be repeatedly Kँkhar throat clear, the nose Sink, knowingly or unknowingly pay anywhere Khuja account at Large Filling big mouths, women are irritated by such clumsiness.

* Discuss the woman’s ambitions, habits, hobbies etc. during the conversation. Tell something about yourself only when asked. It does not take long for the impressions of a young man immersed in his own self-improvement. Even if he is not saying anything untrue!

* When a girl is speaking or telling something, then keep looking around, do yes and yes, pass comments on any move… Avoid them. Listen to the young woman with her eyes only. But don’t stare. Remember what you hear so that you can mention it in the next visit.

* Suddenly laughing, clapping, chanting, telling lewd jokes, proving others to be timid and brave, taunting the whole woman with caste, starting to compare two women, second-rate women Understanding the citizens… Do not let these weaknesses in any case get closer to you.

* Never go ahead with the girl when you are out.


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