A sweet thing, a sweet tamper that can awaken your body and pulverize your heart, increase your desire to live with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. This is just a feeling, which is difficult to describe in words. It can only be felt from the depths of the heart.

How was romance born

It is a little difficult to tell when and where the romance originated. At first it had nothing to do with ordinary life, it was lightly mentioned in the love stories of kings and queens. Then came written literature. After that, every aspect of romance was filmed very openly in films.

Earlier reading exciting stories or novels, watching movies was not considered good, romance was far away. It was a fantasy. Therefore, the common man was always surrounded by hesitations. He was overwhelmed by the thrill of romance, but could neither accept nor feel it openly.

Romance is a magnetic attraction, so it has caught everyone in its hypnosis so soon. In the gloom of loneliness, romance is the color that has begun to fill color in life. On the one hand, the possibilities of romance have increased due to the increasing equality of relationships and openness due to the strength of friendship, on the other hand, psychiatrists have also recognized the importance of romance due to the increasing busyness of life, frustration, boredom, stress and depression and It has been described as an essential part of human genes.

Is romance

Romance is a feeling whose depth can only be felt. When I see a loved one, my heart beats fast and feels a quiver in the body, this is called romance. Romance is not a love of words, it understands the language of eyes and gestures very well. Love doesn’t exist without romance.

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Romance means not only love-love and the physical connection, but romance means loyalty and love to achieve your goal. No person can achieve his purpose unless he has the love and desire and desire to do that work. Romance is a light-wavered movement, madness, madness, madness. Only then do artists and lovers achieve their purpose.

Changing Definitions of Romance

The romance of old times was probably more romantic, beholding each other secretly, going out for long walks, taking coffee sips and holding each other’s hands. The lovers felt this thrill of touch not for many days, but months and years.

In the name of romance, there was excitement and enthusiasm in the mind. As soon as the mention of romance was seen, a shy smile appeared on the lips, but it was difficult to guess the laddoos bursting in the mind just by looking at the face.

On the other hand, the pace of modern romance is so fast that the loving couple has no time to live those moments, to feel them. Today’s high-tech romance is language-intensive, communicated instantly via email, chatting and SMS. Today, romance does not have to face time and distance. Now romance has been replaced by discos, parties, dating, etc. where wishes and desires already end in noise.


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