No one knows better than the people who have fallen in love, how beautiful and loving is the feeling. But nothing is ever understood about what is the love between a boy and a girl. People in two opposite sex have the time to spend time together, they are happy together and find excuses to be more and more together.

To understand this love and the mystery behind it can be understood only when you start loving someone yourself. Love occurs in many forms, but the love between a boy and a girl always writes a dastard. There are many symptoms of love: 8 peculiar habits of women are pleasing to men

Physical attraction:

When there is love between any man and woman, firstly there is a physical interaction between them. The boy is interested in the girl and the girl is interested in the body and figure of the boy and is always trying to touch or love the body in private with each other.


If a boy and girl like each other, they will be friends first and only then will there be love between them. Both will share their choice and things with each other. There is definitely friendship before love, then it is said that the first step of love is friendship.

Desire to become one

After falling in love, the boy and the girl aspire to become one, when only two things are more similar. They become one emotionally. During this time, feelings start to rain between the two. They love each other without any reason.

There is no love:

In the olden days, people were right that there is no form of love. Any boy can fall in love with any girl or woman. There is no age limit in love. Between sex and friends work to bring them closer.


The biggest symptom of love: two lovers always want to spend their lives together and that’s why they like to get married. He considers this occasion as the most special moment of his life. True love can be easily understood by these symptoms. After all, this is the world’s most sacred relationship ……


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