The choice of words should be such that it does not reflect anything special. The texture of the jumal should be such that it does not touch anyone’s mind. May it be such that no one’s heart beats fast. And as long as you are able to do this, you praise yourself. Yes, if you do not feel much pleasure while doing so, then you do not feel sadness.

But this situation does not last long. Despite your thousand attempts, you are caught in the clutches of emotions. All your pragmatism is left to the ground. You take your own style without thinking, ardent or tense. Whatever the result of this attitude, you stop caring about the consequences.

Just you get a single tune that how to reach the matter hidden in the heart right in front of you. Muffling, taunting, not answering directly, changing things etc. becomes a way of expressing your heart condition or your feeling. Knowing that after this the situation will take time to return to normal, you do not desist from doing so.

Actually, this way of measuring your familiarity becomes a bit of a measure. Without this you feel difficulty in feeling emotions, but this habit makes you very expensive. After doing this, the turmoil in the mind takes time to normalize and both time and power are destroyed in the process of normalization.

Troubled by this same trend, Neha (changed name) repeatedly vows that she will never be so informal with her partner Omi (changed name) but Omi is often upset because of her repetition. Neha does not understand what to do.

Neha, many people are not able to show themselves by keeping their feelings normal. They find it difficult to understand the other’s feelings through formal dialogue. They feel that the depth of love cannot be gauged until a furious dialogue or gesture is exchanged. But this method has been defeated by Omi and he wants to get out of this relationship. You don’t want to lose Omi because of your habit.

There is no doubt that it is not easy for you to convince Omi. Even after a million attempts, keeping yourself neutral or formal is not under control. It is better that you take the middle path. Do not become more informal nor show more stranger. You cannot be more practical in love. Therefore, it is better to follow the path of continuous communication.

Continuous communication and close proximity will eliminate the problem of vacancy. Due to vacancy, you get into a state of emotional outburst. You are forced to behave in an unusual way to associate yourself with the same warmth, because you lack instinctiveness.

The only way to bridge this dysfunction is not to let the distance of communication in the relationship come. Keep the feeling of warmth and closeness present in the relationship constantly. Some people go to Dillamila as soon as they leave this door. They feel insecure. He feels that he is no longer the focal point of the companion.


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