If you want to see the smile on the lips of your girlfriend, wife or partner, then we tell you some tips for her, which will make her happy and what more do you want than her happiness? So try interesting romantic tips –

* Tell them that she is beautiful. Never call them hot or sexy.

* Hold his hand for a few seconds.

* Love to kiss his head.

* Recite their own recorded voice to wake them from sleep.

* Keep telling them exactly how much you love them.

* If she is upset, give them a hug and make them realize how much she means to you.

* Take care of their small things too, because this is a very important part of love.

* Sometimes listen to their favorite songs too, no matter how bad your voice is.* Spend some time with their friends too.

* You prepare their notes.

* Meet people and friends of your family as well, this will increase your confidence in them.

* Rub their hair with love, it will make them relaxed. Sometimes you also play fun games with them, like tickling, lap lifting, wrestling.

* Take a walk around the park and speak your heart out.

* Tell jokes to make you laugh.

* SMS them at midnight and tell them how much you are missing them.

* Take the falling hands in their hands while sleeping.

* When he is completely lost in you, then kiss him with love.

* Pick them up on your shoulders occasionally.

* Carry flowers for them.

* Treat your friends the same way as you do in private.

* Smile looking into their eyes.

* They should definitely give your picture.

* Dance with them, even if there is no music.

* Kiss them in the rain.* Always express your love. 

* Appreciate their feelings, even if you do not like what they say, but instead of saying it immediately, tell them your style in a pleasant way. Especially if he has especially done something for you, then even if you have passed a million exaggerations, you should not let us know immediately. It would be better to understand later. >


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