If you are going to start a loving relationship and your wait for your first date is over, then do not make these 6 mistakes in your first meeting with the girl, otherwise the break-up or full stop on the relationship going forward. is. So what is the delay in good work, read these tips now – 

Some minor misunderstandings during dating can sometimes lead to major problems. If you do not want it to go haywire and your impression is tremendous, then there are some special methods that you can adopt in front of your girlfriend. Know some things that girls do not ‘like’ during dating.

Don’t talk about marriage: Girls tend to think of marriage less or less than boys. However, it is believed that girls start thinking about marriage as soon as they grow up. And even if it is to be believed, it is due to Indian upbringing and family pressure. 

That is to say, when a boy talks about marriage during a date, it has a negative effect on the girl.

Making assumptions: Usually, boys can make an assumption about a girl before meeting any girl without any basis for it, it can be fatal for this new relationship. 

It is very frustrating for a girl when a boy orders a soft drink for a girl while ordering beer for herself. He himself assumes that the girl would prefer soft drinks which would have a wrong effect in front of your friend.

Please do not touch, we have just met:  When a boy tries to get too close in the first meeting or tries to hug without reason,it can make the girl look bad.   Even though the boy is doing all this with good thinking, but the girls also think it from their perspective which cannot be positive at first.

Do not let silence occur:  Never allow silence between you during dating . When the period of normal talk between the two of you is over, then definitely increase the conversation further through some interesting things so that the girl seems interested in listening.   Boys who are more lazy or talk less and wait for the conversation to move on their own are called boring. These types of boring boys do not like girls at all.

Waste Information:  Would You Like to Work After Marriage? How many boyfriends did you have How much is your salary? These are questions that usually come up between two people.    If you are single and on a date with a girl then you can ask many more interesting questions. In the first few dates, such highly personal questions can spoil your impression.


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