After the honeymoon, the married couple slowly returns to their real life. When you begin to know and understand your partner’s habits more closely. You find that your partner spends more time on the sports channel. Or spends time in the neighbors’ gossip. These small things can also create distance between you. Such a situation also comes when the husband and wife start living under the same roof as an unwanted roommate. Between whom love is less and fights are more. 

The initial one year is very difficult for new couples. Their relationship suffocates under the burden of that promise of living together for a lifetime. In such a situation, he is always seen in anger and trouble. They feel that they have made a big mistake. There also comes a situation when the love of both of them gradually ends. The foundation of love and trust on which the relationship’s palace stands also starts to crackle.  

To avoid such a situation, take special care of these things- *

Never forget the promise you made to your partner on the wedding day. Regardless of the circumstances, love towards your partner should not be reduced. Your word should be based on faith and truth. Keep in mind that your words do not miss enthusiasm, charm and happiness.  

Solve it before the trouble starts.  

* When you are starting your new life, talk openly on all the issues that can cause controversy. Speak clearly on your life goals. Decide on your budget. With this, you can reduce disputes up to 90 percent in a new married life. >


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