Do not worry about a breakup , this is the time to meet yourself   The matter of the heart is very strange. You got a little emotional on its way and removed your control over your mind. Therefore, it is better to be greeted from far away from this disease, but if the heart is felt somewhere, then it is broken and it is also hurt, then take care of it in this way.

* Do not place the burden of a broken heart on the chest. Take out the feelings of your mind. Cry, scream, hurt on the pillow. This will provide great relief. To make your mind light, speak your heart to one of your Aziz, make him a royal. If not a friend, then tell a member of the house about yourself.  

* It is not necessary that you have any fault. Why devalue yourself? It is better to explain to your mind that he was or was not worthy of unfaithful love. It was good that the whole reality came out even before getting married.  

* Put your attention in some creative works like painting, gardening, music, cooking, etc.  

* Walking on foot is a natural way to lighten the burden of a broken heart. If swim comes and there is a facility, swim for a long time. Watch a comedy film.

* If a friend lives somewhere outside the city, then roam around here.  

* Help in household chores.  

* Join the gym to divert attention. 

* Write all your heart boil in a diary and pour it into the river. As soon as the diary flows in the river, the pain of your mind will also end.  

* Change your lifestyle and outfits.  

* It is good to stay a few days away from Facebook, Whats app, Twitter. Old contacts will emerge from anywhere and you will not be able to control your emotions. Instead, research websites with a positive collection of ideas. It will give you relief.  

* Make an old hobby alive. Always keep a smile on your face, it will help you move forward.


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