The behavior of boys and their way of thinking are completely different. Therefore, you should not expect your friend to change completely like you. You should not even try to change it. So let’s know some of these untouched aspects.

1. Understand Your Relationship

Everyone must have experienced the first sight of love, it is such an experience when your partner is the first priority for you, in such a way, arriving ahead of time and waiting for hours to meet you would be a part of the penance of love. is. When the time becomes more cohesive, then you should reduce the expectation that with a love letter, you will put a bouquet of flowers on your door every morning, or else you will spend hours in the morning on the phone. If he is not able to call you for two-three days, then while showing his displeasure, you should not forget that just as some of his behavior hurts you, similarly some of your things may hurt his feelings.

2. Emotions are not obedient to words

Everyone likes to hear compliments, but cleanliness like women is less in men. They may not be able to fully meet your expectation, or they cannot translate their feelings into words. Instead of expecting formal words like thank you on one of your gifts, try to see the happiness that came down in his eyes.

3. Boys have different expectations

Even sage sages have considered love to be sacred, the physical attraction is a natural trait that no one has been able to live beyond, in our society, some rules have been given the form of rites which many times the youths refuse to adopt. It does not mean that they are only related to physical attraction to you. If you want to follow these rules, then it is up to you that instead of getting angry or despising it Could explain the REM or not, he is beyond the physical connection is a thing very important touch that makes him realize affinity beyond physical attraction sweetie.

4. Woman is same in every form

There are some such thoughts of men, whether he is a wife or a girlfriend, he tries to find every form in it. How much you can make your every appearance in front of him depends on you. By fulfilling her small needs, by daring in times of despair, by sharing the moments of happiness, you can realize every form of woman.

5. Do not express resentment quickly

Girls express their feelings very easily to others. If they are angry with anything, then they reveal it to everyone. Boys are very patient and serious in this matter. There is no tendency among boys to indulge in unnecessary debate or talk about small things. Many times it happens that the boys get very angry on some trivial matter or even needlessly and in such a situation, there is a breach in the relationship.

If you ever come across such a situation in your relationship, your responsibility in terms of improving it increases. So at the time when your partner is getting angry, then you should not tell him anything. Later, when his anger subsides, then you explain to him lovingly that he should not have done so. Instead of telling anything about themselves, boys expect from their partner that they themselves should always behave in a friendly manner by understanding themselves about the boy’s mood and his likes or dislikes. So it would be better not to give your partner a chance to get angry.


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